All-Natural Honey that is locally harvested in Bothell, Washington, for Bitcoin.

Hi there! I’m a backyard beekeeper interested in the plight of the honeybee, working to develop resilient, locally-adapted colonies without any chemical agents or foreign treatments in the hive. Bees need all the help they can get, but they need to develop natural defenses to surmount the challenges they now face in our environment.

Why All-Natural Raw Honey?

I became interested in beekeeping and bitcoin at around the same time in 2011, and began trading honey for bitcoin right away with my very first share of a honey crop earned by apprenticing a more experienced “beek”. Since then, I have built my own backyard apiary and currently have two active colonies which are now prepared for winter. I passed the apprentice level beekeeping exam after taking a class my first year, have been a member of the Northwest District Beekeeping Association which meets monthly in Snohomish, and have volunteered on behalf of the club at the state fair for the last couple of years with my family.

Why Bitcoin? (Yep, Bitcoin ONLY.)

I’ve sold raw honey online via reddit to great reviews from my customers for a couple of years, as well as in person via bitcoin meet ups. I believe bitcoin gains utility by use, and I’m committed to remaining within the Bitcoin economy for as many of my expenses as possible.
This year, I began experimenting with selling creamed honey as well as the raw liquid honey, with equally rave reviews from customers and lucky friends for my first two batches. Although I am currently experimenting with my first home-brewed mead, I will be unable to trade any of that for now, but I continue to look for other honeybee related products I can deliver to my happy customers such as lotion bars and beeswax candles, so stay tuned for that this year.

My apiary is north of the Seattle metro area, in unincorporated Snohomish county of Washington state. There is a relative abundance of wild rural and mixed suburban forage nearby for the bees, meaning that they have natural sources of nectar and pollen available depending on local weather conditions and plant flowering.

ā€œIā€™m crazy about bees and I love to share my interest and hope it inspires someone else. ā€

How to contact me: I can be reached on twitter or reddit as deinos. I will make a variety of other avenues available for contact as the site progresses. Here were some ideas I had about how to stay in touch with those that want to trade for my honey.

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